Benefits of choosing a small web design company to work on your website

Benefits of choosing a small web design company to work on your website

posted on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Web design and development is a field in which a lot of sole-proprietors and small businesses operate and there are also some larger web design firms to choose from. When looking for someone to handle a new web project some people automatically look towards the larger firms because they are under the impression that the larger companies will build them a better website. But this is far from true, there are many small operators who build great websites and there are some big firms who build websites that don’t quite cut it. The size of the company doing the work will not have any bearing on the outcome. It is the actual individual or individuals working on your project and the systems that they use that really counts. In fact, more often than not, an individual web professional or small business can offer you some distinct advantages over the larger firm.

Your relationship with the web design company

To a big business with lots of clients, you are just one more drop in the bucket. It’s not such a big deal to them if they loose you. But to a small business you are their bread and butter. A small business cannot afford to loose a client and needs to make each client happy in order gain new clients and have any chance of success. A small business has to care about their clients, they can’t afford not to care because if they don’t care they don’t get paid.

Personalised and efficient service

A small business is far more likely to have a finger on the pulse of your web operations and react quickly to your needs, because it’s service is more personalized. A small business will stand a better chance of knowing what’s happening, who it’s happening to, and what to do to fix it.

Software and systems used

Larger web design firms will often have their own proprietary software and systems such as content management systems in place and will usually use them across the board for all their clients – a one size fits all approach. While some companies have developed good systems that work well for a wide range of websites, that is not always the case. Once your website has been set up on such a system you are generally locked in to that company, i.e. you cannot go elsewhere for hosting services or future web development work. Generally speaking, sole-proprietors and smaller companies will offer more flexible solutions often leveraging open source software.


A small operator does not have the same overheads that a larger firm has and this usually translates into savings for the client.

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