HeikeMiller.com – Webmarketing and Social Media Services

HeikeMiller.com – Webmarketing and Social Media Services

We offer attractive and userfriendly Wordpress websites and blogs with Social Media integration.

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HeikeMiller.com – Webmarketing and Social Media Services

Digital Marketing Specialist and certified Online Business Manager offers online marketing support, including attractive and userfriendly WordPress websites and blogs. Use them for you small business or for your personal blog, telling your friends and relatives about a holiday, a hobby or a passion.

WordPress websites can look like a websites and they can look like a blog, it’s up to you what kind of look you prefer! We make sure to offer you attractive colours and graphics so that your WordPress website looks professional and creative.

WordPress websites are more affordable than “normal” static websites and can be changed by everybody who knows WordPress. So you can update your own website or blog without paying a webdesigner.

We also offer Social Media integration, can set up your Facebook business page, your Twitter page, etc. Our point of difference is that director, Heike Miller, has studied with US training providers and knows online marketing thoroughly. Heike also has postgraduate qualifications in management and PR/communications, so your brand is in good hands. We will make sure that your web marketing truly works.

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