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SqualaDesign was founded in 2001 and had 14 years of success in Italy. The founders Daniela and Manuele, husband and wife, decided it was time to start a family and moved to a better place, New Zealand. The company was closed in Italy and re-opened in New Zealand in 2014 and has been successfully running from its new place of business in Queenstown and then in Oamaru.

Having started the companies roots in Italy the team has a vast knowledge of how the European industry works and are excited to bring this to the New Zealand industry. Since moving the company here we have widened our branches and have partnered with some kiwi developers and also great kiwi creative designers, bringing an interesting mix of European and Kiwi experience.

We are passionate about our clients and have continued to work with clients from the original business. Being a multilingual team we are more than happy to take on international clients and would love to continue to grow that part of our business but are also excited to grow our New Zealand based clientele as well.

We feel strongly about making websites accessible to as many people as possible, because of this we are constantly improving the way we create websites so that your website can reach more customers.

Anybody can read the website, including sight-impaired people with the assistance of apps.

We like to make an unique design for each client, so one can have similar design.

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