The importance of getting links in to your website

The importance of getting links in to your website

posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

A website without links to it is just drifting in isolation in the realms of cyberspace. It is unlikely to be found by the people who you want to visit it.  Many new website owners have the false notion of “build it and they will come”. But it takes much more than just building a website to attract visitors in their masses an open up the potential of the web. The most important approach for gaining visibility and hence bringing traffic to your website is getting links from good relevant sources. Getting links in to your site from other websites is like getting it plugged in to the internet and slowly building up it’s visibility. The 2 key ways that links help you gain visibility are:

  1. Links from relevant sources can bring visitors in by them clicking on those links
  2. Search engines use the links into your website as a key measure of how important your site is and use this to influence what position your web pages are placed in search results.

As search engines get more sophisticated, quality of the inbound links is much more important than quantity. An example of quality links would be contextual links from important websites related to your topic. An example of low quality links would be links from link exchanges that list long lists of links from link partners – these add no value and are not worth pursuing.

One of the best collection of ideas for different ways of getting links to your website that I’ve come across is this article published on the leading SEO website, 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

What I recommend you do is read through the list and select about 5 or so of the ideas that you think you can achieve, copy and paste those tips into a document to save it for your reference and get to work on it. Good luck with your link building!

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  1. Lilibeth says:

    Another one that is majorly useful is They allow you to choose your own keywords and the backlink follows through.

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