Why you should put your business on Google Maps

Why you should put your business on Google Maps

posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010

A great way to increase the visibility of your business on the web is to add your business to Google Maps (a.k.a. Google Places, Google Local). This will really help you get better visibility in local search results. By local search results I mean if someone is searching for a product or service and they add into their search the name of the city or location they are looking for that service in. For example if someone is looking for web design services in Nelson they might type in to Google Nelson web design. Google recognises that they are interested in regional results because they have qualified their search with a place name and the first thing that is usually displayed in the search results is the business listings on Google Maps.

Example of Google search results

You will notice in the example above that the all the results on the screen are actually Google Maps listings. Regular website results appear further down the page but are not visible without scrolling. So to get visibility in these type of local region searches, it is vital to have your business listed in Google Maps. One other thing to notice in the example above is that some businesses have a logo or image in their listing and this helps the listing stand out.

How to add your business to Google Maps

Adding your listing to Google Maps is quite straightforward and does not cost anything.

  1. Go to maps.google.co.nz
  2. Click on the link Put your business on Google Maps
  3. If you already have a Google account, sign in to Google if you are not already signed in. Otherwise click Sign Up Now
  4. Click list your business or add a new business
  5. Complete all the details. Fill in as much detail as you can as it will help you to get found. It is a very good idea to upload at least one image, ideally your logo.
  6. After you submit your listing, Google will attempt to verify your address by sending you a verification code. You should receive this within a few days. Follow the simple instructions that are provided when you receive the code. You will not be listed until verification is complete.

Embedding a Google Map with your listing on your web site

You can get an added search engine optimisation boost by embedding a Google map with your listing on your website and at the same time it is useful for helping people find your location of business.

  1. First you need to display the map with your listing in Google. One way to do this is to type in your business name into the search box on the Google Maps page.
  2. Once you have the map displayed with your business on it, click Link in top right hand corner.
  3. Then click Customise and preview embedded map
  4. You can change the size of the map and adjust the zoom as desired in the Preview area.
  5. The HTML code that embeds the map is displayed in step 3. (If you have no idea where to put this HTML code, ask your web developer to do it.)
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