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NZ Web Designers

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NZ Web Designers

A boutique company located in Central Hawkes Bay, NZ Web Designers has the pleasure and privilege of serving over seventy internet clients throughout New Zealand. We have been involved in the industry since the year 2000 and, anticipating of the needs of modern business, have progressed from building static sites to complex feature-rich applications including client content management as a standard component. Our work is based on the acclaimed Drupal framework but we are also PHP programmers with the capability of building specialised database web applications from the ground up.
If you have ever said “I’d like a website where I can manage and update the content myself, without it costing a fortune,” we are pleased to announce that inexpensive solutions are now at hand. The content of the sites we build is able to be changed by you, thus saving the time and expense of engaging a web specialist to do periodic updates. In this way there is never any reason for your site to become out-of-date.

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