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Nov 30
Why a ‘Google My Business’ profile might be more important than a website

Getting found online is critical for almost all businesses. These days most businesses have their own websites. Getting a website for your business requires a significant effort and can be expensive, but it is an essential investment for most businesses. There are other ways to get your business noticed online – social media, web directories, […]

Nov 27
Hiring a web designer is not enough to build that perfect website

In several cases, while creating a website, people just delegate the project directly to the website designers. The website designers then start creating the website with their perspective. In the end, the perception of the website designer and the exact need of the client most of the time do not match and unfortunately, the website […]

Nov 27
What Content Management System should you use?

Whether you are a small business owner starting out with their first attempt at an online presence or a designer just starting in the website game, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what website platform or Content Management System (CMS) you are going to design into. There are lots of providers […]