Learning Centre

Whether you are contemplating starting a website or you already have one up and running, it is very important that you educate yourself about what is involved with setting up and running a website so that you can make your website a success.

If you are starting fresh with no prior experience, you will need to arm yourself with enough knowledge so that you can:

  • understand what you can achieve with a website and how it ties in with your business plan
  • figure out the basic requirements for your website
  • have a plan for getting people to visit your website
  • understand the costs involved
  • choose a suitable web designer/developer to build your site
  • decide if you need other related professional services such as web marketing, search engine optimisation, copy writing, etc.
  • adequately relay your requirements to the professionals you have engaged
  • analyse your website performance
  • maintain, adjust and expand your website to improve it’s performance and achieve your goals

Our goal in this section of Web Design Pros is to provide you with information and resources to help you achieve success with your website. This website is new and we just have a few articles so far but we plan to keep adding useful content to this section and turn it into a valuable resource for the average business person who wants to make their website a success.