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Nov 27
Web Design Dilemma – How often to rebuild?

WEB DESIGN DILEMMA: How long should you wait before updating your web design or rebuilding a website? By Rachel Alexander, Christchurch web design agency Alexanders Whilst it varies as to how often blogs and content are updated, most companies update their web design look every two years.  However, in terms of re-building the underlying platform, it’s usually around three to […]

Nov 10
A Guide to Building Your Own Business Website

This is a handy guide for small business owners who are considering saving money by building their own website instead of hiring a professional web designer/developer. Is building my own website the right option for me? Most business owners will probably make best use of their time by spending that time on their core business […]

Nov 10
Tips for choosing a web designer to build your website

If you are looking for a web designer to build a website for your business, you will find no shortage of options to choose from. So what do you base your decision on when choosing a web designer? A small business with a tight budget might simply request quotations from a number of web companies […]