About Us

House of Jam is a Creative Communications consultancy working with out of the box businesses that are invested in the greater good.

We offer specialist copywriting and eCommerce services to brave brands living their best lives all over the world.

What to Expect

  • Deadlines are respected, and communication is made if they need to change
  • Feedback is clear and direct–we won’t make you guess
  • We have an unwavering commitment to your business growth and development
  • Our time is precious and I never waste any of it
  • Peace of mind planning and project management is what you will come to rely on from us
  • Project planning–we run a tight ship and don’t like to manage shipwrecks
  • Long meetings are time wasters. Time is money, we won't waste yours or ours
  • Working with you is a privilege we don’t take lightly
  • Not everything is about an invoice.

We know that shaping a business takes enormous courage, a decent amount of terrifying uncertainty and a substantial dose of WTF.

Even if you have reached the stage of wine and crying, we would love to help.

Bring us your stories, let's bring them to life!


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