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Nov 10
Web Directories – an easy way to improve your website’s visibility

Links in to your website help you get found in Google and other search engines because the more links in to your website, the more important it appears to be to the search engines. A great starting place for getting links to your website is by listing it in the many free online web directories. In addition […]

Nov 10
Website Terminology

Getting to know the lingo We have put together a list of common internet website terms that you you may hear when you are talking to web professionals about your website project. Here we aim to list the most important terms rather than create a long exhaustive glossary of internet/web terminology. If you are a […]

Nov 10
Website Design – Do it Yourself Or Hire a Professional? – 5 Reasons for each

5 reasons for doing it yourself: You have good design skills and some experience You are technically savvy and confident you can do a good job You do not have a budget to spend on hiring a professional You have knowledge of tools that can help you build a website You have access to an […]