Website Design – Do it Yourself Or Hire a Professional? – 5 Reasons for each

5 reasons for doing it yourself:

  1. You have good design skills and some experience
  2. You are technically savvy and confident you can do a good job
  3. You do not have a budget to spend on hiring a professional
  4. You have knowledge of tools that can help you build a website
  5. You have access to an expert that can guide you

5 reasons for hiring a professional:

  1. It may not be efficient use of your valuable time
  2. You may not have adequate graphic or technical skills
  3. A non-professional looking website could do more damage than good for your business
  4. You need to get your website launched within a certain time-frame
  5. You need your website to be set up in a way that it can grow and evolve with your business


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